Gardens Aglimmer

Photos by Kathryn Harrington


In December, for six nights only, the Waterfront Botanical Gardens hosted “Gardens Aglimmer” that featured a sparkling winter wonderland with swans, snowflakes, oversized flowers and icicle arches over the new Beargrass Creek Pathway.

  • Melissa Burnett, Stacy Embry, Melissa Russell and Winny Russell.

  • Judy Morrison and Paul Dunlap.

  • Clare Reid, Gail Winger, Valerie Hall and Kasey Maier.

  • Rob Steiner, Cheme Steiner and Tensang Ihamo.

  • Rose May Keller and Phyllis Keller.

  • Harper and Brittany Hardin, Edna Virgie Hurst and Michelle Hannigan.

  • Natalie and Elizabeth Graeser.