Fundraiser for ChooseWell Communities

Dr. Joseph and Kim Mascaro hosted a fundraiser for ChooseWell Communities at their Prospect home on June 14. ChooseWell Communities is a Louisville-based 501(c)(3) charitable organization that anchors young families in early sobriety in safe, affordable housing and provides community support while rearing their young children in a home free from substance misuse.

Photos courtesy of ChooseWell

  • Bruce and Laura Maddox, Brittany Maddox and Arla Nesbit.

  • Chris and Katrina Forehand and Martha Diebold.

  • David and Topsy Staten and Kim Moore.

  • Doug Semple, Dr. Joe Mascaro and Rev. Robert Pitman.

  • Doug and Phylis Semple, Dr. Lisa Daniel, Bill Johnson and Margaret and Stewart Kelly.

  • Dr. Joe Mascaro and Dr. Joe Wagner.

  • Hayley Grant, ToddThompson and Greta and Ben Pittinger.

  • Jeff Doerr, Hillary Weikel and Tonya and Don Weikel.

  • Kim Moore, Katarina Likins, Amanda Diaz and Kim Mascaro.

  • Marianne Reutlinger, Mary Harris, Ken Reutlinger and David Harris.

  • Matt Parks, Betsy and Jamie Appleton, Sierra Case and Alex Agosto.

  • Sandy Dapiero, Amanda Diaz, Joni Tamalonis, Emily Duderstadt and Courtney Wallace.

  • Tom Walton, Dean of the UofL School of Nursing Sonya Hardin, James Hardin, Associate Dean of the School of Nursing Mary DeLetter and Paul DeLetter.