Friendraiser for Chronicle Cinemas

Steve and Terri Bass hosted a fundraising event for Chronicle Cinemas at their home on July 17. The company is currently working to produce a documentary called “Conversion,” which will give an inside look at the practice of conversion therapy and its survivors.

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

  • Ruth Schmitt Hendrickson and Chris Miller.

  • Cathy Yarmuth, Ted Steinbock and Ann Shake.

  • Shelly and Kenny Zegart.

  • Chris Miller, Warren Lambert and Blaz Bush.

  • Viki Diaz, Elizabeth Lenihan and John Shaw-Woo.

  • Rebecca Brown and John Y. Brown III with Oksana Zhurbich.

  • Erik Eaker, John Brooks, Steve Bass, Dr. Shiao Woo and Robert Curran.

  • Mo McKnight Howe and Scott Howe.

  • Robert Curran, Josh Miller and Fred Minner.

  • Abby Kamen and Pat Howerton.

  • Steve Bass, Susan Yarmuth, Sarah Levitch, Janice Carter Levich, Steve Humphrey and William Yarmuth.

  • Terri Bass, Steve Humphrey, Janice Carter Levitch and Sarah Levitch.

  • Karen Morrison, Larry Sloan and Helen Cohen.

  • Josh Miller and Theo Edmonds.

  • John Y. Brown III and Rebecca Brown.

  • William and Susan Yarmuth, Steve Bass, Anna and Cara Bass-Wilson, Terri Bass and Senator Morgan McGarvey.

  • Ruth Schmitt Hendrickson and Suzy Stone.

  • Steve Bass, Chuck Mitchell, Fred Minner, Marita Willis, Valerie Combs, Terry and Mary George Meiners and Shannon Mussellman.

  • Deja Jackson and Warren Lambert.

  • Ted and Sarah Steinbock with Susan Yarmuth.

  • Josh McLaughlin, Tonya Abeln, Sarah Mitchell and Terri Bass.

  • Oksana Zhurbich and Lisa Gunterman.

  • Josh Laughlin, Janice Carter Levitch and Tonya Abeln.

  • Anna Bass-Wilson, Valerie Combs and Julie Dials.

  • Erik Eaker, John Brooks, Greg Fickle and Greg Cornett.

  • Marita Willis and Shannon Mussellman.

  • Kris Bailey and Zach Meiners.