Four Roses Flower Hour

Photos by Tim Valentino

On Friday, Feb. 9, Four Roses partnered with Nanz & Kraft Florists in St. Matthews for a special shopping and bourbon tasting event. Attendees mingled with Master Distiller Brent Elliott and Senior Brand Ambassador Al Young while jazz musicians Swing Theory serenaded the crowd. The party raised nearly $5,000 in one evening, but the impact went much further: $10 from each of Nanz & Kraft’s “Go Red for Women” arrangements sold in the month of February will go toward supporting heart health.

  • Sandi and Scott Roitblat.

  • John Mark, Shelby Nitzken, Chelsea Scherer, Luke Schultz, Dillon Miller, Belinda Malroy and Lawrence Johanssan.

  • Paul and Sandi Kleinhenz.

  • Kelsey Radcliffe, Joey Cavanaugh and Jeremy and Reyna Radcliffe.

  • Eddie Kraft and Dan Lorenz.

  • David, Ramsey, MIchael and Eddie Kraft.

  • Nancy Grissman, Mel Green and Allison Kraft.

  • Susan Kraft, Harrison Kraft and Dan Lorenz.

  • Sherman Minton, Ramsey Kraft and Dennis Monroe.

  • Jeremy Radcliffe, Reyna Radcliffe and Karrie Harper.

  • Lenny Lococo, Gail Washbish-Dzubak and Paul Jones.

  • Renee and Roger Cecil with the American Heart Association.

  • Swing Theory.

  • Mariah and Rose Powers.

  • Swing Theory.

  • Melissa and Eric Fitzsimmons.

  • Catherine Leigh, Lauren Burdette, Matt and Jill Kamer and Christen Smith.

  • Four Roses Master Distiller Al Young and Bob Glass.

  • Michael and Donna McClure, Julie Bartlett, Dennie Slucher, Kay Glass and Mike Kurowski.

  • Lisa and Rick Laws.

  • Jason Spencer.

  • Chris and Maureen Smith, Karrie Harper and Ryan Hennessey.

  • Dana Hughes, Ruth Devore and Kelsey Radcliffe.