Four Roses Blues Brews & BBQs

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

The food was hot and the music was smokin’ at the Four Roses Blue, Brews & BBQ Festival on July 20 and 21. Concert goers enjoyed a variety of New Orleans and Memphis-style blues and pit barbeque. Performing bands included Blues and Greys, Little T&A, the Stella Vees and more.

  • Stefanie Peer and Mike Lane.

  • Lindsay Mullen and Ashley Maupim.

  • Bill Moran and Leslie Witten.

  • Brian and Tiffani Tyler.

  • Katie, Jean and Mark Deignan.

  • Ted Boyd, George Frazier and John Ison.

  • Jim Miles, Bob Mayes and Steve Fawbush.

  • Aral Michalow and Jessica Bush.

  • Bronson, Bryce, Randy, Lisa and Breelyn Corpus.

  • Clay and Suzan Meredith.

  • Rick and Anita Kranz with Stacy Reed and Scott McCoy.

  • Katie Washbish, Gary Hoza, Vicki Haytchouk and Chad Waits.

  • Michael Ann and Pat Coomes.

  • Maria Ryan and Eric Koenig.

  • Barbara Cruz and Abby Iglesias.

  • Allison and Meaghan Williams.

  • Bill and Lisa. (*Note:Didn't want to give last names*)

  • Marie and Keith Toole.

  • Faye Katz and Brooklyn Reinhardt.