Flyover Film Festival Pre-Flight Reception

Movie buffs celebrated the upcoming Flyover Film Festival at 21c Museum Hotel on July 10. The Louisville Film Society will present the festival July 21-26 with films featuring ties to Kentucky.

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

  • Karen Gillenwater, Andrea Fisher and Sunshine Flagg.

  • Roy Taylor and Jamila Smith.

  • Howard Katison and Renita Johnson-Leva.

  • Olivia McDaniels, Nicole Volz and Sam Taylor.

  • Chad Law and Kenneth Burke.

  • Matt Coleman and Kris Pettit.

  • Aijaz Yazdani, Nancy Tafel, Gill Holland, Soozie Eastman, Urooj Yazdani, and David Crites.

  • Rashida, Urooj and Aijaz Yazdani.

  • Soozie Eastman and Lauren Argo.

  • Gill Holland, Nancy Tafel, Sherman Brown and Shane Taylor.

  • Lori Brown and Cheryl Abrao.

  • Jan Grayson and Tom Morton enjoying the popcorn.

  • Cheryl and Sebastian Abrao.

  • Uroooj Yazdani, Micah Chandler and Delene Taylor.

  • Kay Coyte and Cora Brown.

  • Aiyzik and Edgar Migirov.

  • Mike Dicenso, Patricia Ballard and Matt Coleman.

  • Herschel Zahnd and Megan Massie Ware.

  • Will Spillman, Bret Hopkins and Devin Bundrent.

  • Kevin and Anna Heuke.

  • Nina Rosenberg and Andrea Ahl.

  • Natalie Finson and Josh Johnson.

  • Hi-fives for popcorn!

  • Chris Taylor, Gill Holland and Sherman and Kaitlyn Brown.

  • Mark Rabinowitz, Doug Abel and Urooj Yazdani.