First Friday Hop

Photos by Bill Wine

Locals took part in this city-wide art event, featuring over 50 gallery openings and 150 Hop stops, on April 6. The next Hop will take place on May 4.

  • Aaron Price watched and listened as Tracy Karem read the tarot cards.

  • Roland and Marie Blahnik.

  • Lori and Dick Brien.

  • Owners-Operators at Craft Gallery & Mercantile Karen Welch and David McGuire.

  • Portia and Jerry Brown.

  • Linda and Bill Luster.

  • Tom Morris with Cathy and Kenny Snell.

  • Chris Hall and Eddy Arnold.

  • Kenny Snell and featured artist John Snell.

  • Miss Janet Weeden and owner-operator at Craft Gallery & Mercantile Karen Welch.

  • Artwork of John Snell was displayed.

  • Joshua Hogan and owner of Mahonia studio Bridget Davis.

  • Brian Schreck, Tricia Cooper and David Bird.

  • Marc and Kelly Pellegrino with Amy and Chris Adickes.

  • Finnley, Patrick Ray, Paul Belobraydio and Penny.

  • Alex Anthony and Natalie Declue.

  • Artist Arte Chambers and Kayla Iacovazzi- Pau.

  • Artist David Iacovazzi- Pau and Dr. Maurice Gattin.

  • Gary and Lisa Sullivan with Jenny and David Denny.

  • Annette Skaggs, Ladonna Nicolas and Larry Shapin.

  • Dr. Lateefah Id-Deen, Janelle Jenkins, Dr. Maurice Gattin with Valerie and India Fuchs.

  • Nick and Amy Foote.

  • Shelby Zeller and Chris Wagner.

  • Ross Gordon and owner of garner narrative gallery Joyce Garner.

  • Patricia Hughes and Lisa Cooke.