Farnsley Society Reception

Fund for the Arts hosted a reception for Farnsley Society members at the home of Kevin Borland and Leonard Napolitano on Dec. 12. Farnsley Society members were recognized for their significant contributions and extraordinary commitment to the arts community in Louisville.

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

  • Lindsey Gumer and Stephanie Sturgeon.

  • Jason and Kim Clark.

  • Barry Allen and Barbara Sexton Smith.

  • Ted and Jackie Rosky with Todd Lowe.

  • Jo and Brent McKim.

  • Victor Sweatt.

  • Kevin Borland with Charlie, Mindy and Doug Farnsley.

  • Jacqueline Brill, Kirsten Hawley, Kristi Marski and Candace Weber.

  • Steve and Willa Barger.

  • Jessica and Ryan Dozier with Geoff White.

  • Kim and Jason Clark.

  • Rodney Wisdom and Sarah Davasher-Wisdom.

  • Stephanie Sturgeon and Lindsey Gumer.

  • Ellen Grinstead Yunker and Theresa Bondurant.

  • Fran Ratterman, Eric Gurevich and Barry Allen.

  • Lindy Casebier, Courtney Glenny and Charlie Sexton.

  • Lindy Casebier, Carolle Jones Clay and Ken Clay.

  • Anne West Butler and Harold Butler.

  • Bella Portaro-Kueber and Allison Myers.

  • Eric Winston and Dior Cotten.

  • Candace Weber, Andrea Strange and Alison Huff.

  • Todd Lowe, Christen Boone, Charlie and Mindy Farnsley, Kevin Borland and Matt Wallace.