Fall Into Fabulous

Photos by Tim Valentino

This annual fashion show delighted guests on October 6 at the Henry Clay. Candidates for Most Fashionable Philanthropist showed off some of the hottest looks for fall from ten local boutiques, and Russell Smith took home the MFP Award.


  • Crystal Henderson, Becky Hughes, Kelci Harris-Stengel, Cathy Christian and Soon Bahrami.

  • Amy and J.R. Streeter of Susan's Florist.

  • Shelby and Jennifer Meredith of A Girl and Her Dog Boutique.

  • Raeshanda Johnson and LaShondra Lockhart.

  • Gary Feldkamp, Marissa Leese and Sean Walsh.

  • Judge Jessica Moore Spalding and Andre Wilson.

  • Kelci Harris-Stengel and Judges Tara Haggarty and Jessica Moore Spalding.

  • Renee Shomer, Christen Lubbers and Russell Smith.

  • Jessica Miller and Anne Walker.

  • Louise and Liz Bornwasser.

  • Tiffany and Haley Cardwell.

  • Josh and Sadie Wright and Ashley and Matt Bedingfield.

  • Sam Rouster and Katie Meinhart.

  • Christen Lubbers, Renee Shomer and Jennifer Reece.

  • Yolanda Morgan and Kelly Hanna-Carroll.

  • Debra Locker-Griffin, Laren Cavanaugh and Jennifer Chu.

  • Jonathan Raley, Catherine Darmstadt and Dennis Cornell.

  • Kelci Harris-Stengel and Andre Wilson.

  • Shanna Ward, Hunter Weinberg and Mandy Wood.

  • Caoline and Kim Behrle.

  • Jennifer Dressler, Jennifer Reece, Beckie Ennis, Lauren Adams Ogden and Katie Berghausen.

  • Kaitlyn Hoitomt, Jenn Cecil, Kenneth Wright, Wil Heuser, Ryan Bratcher and Adrian Cunningham.

  • Jennifer Reece and Lauren Adams Ogden.