Emily Digenis for Family Court Judge Campaign Fundraiser

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

Supporters of Judicial Candidate Emily Digenis gathered at the home of Steve and Terri Bass for a fundraiser on the evening of Aug. 30.

  • John Y. Brown III and Rebecca Brown.

  • Terri Bass, Helen, Alex and Emily Digenis and Steve Bass.

  • Alex Digenis, Buddy Sattich, Phillip, Helina, Dr. George, Helen, Emily, and Eleni Digenis, Hunter Sattich and Steve Taylor.

  • Tom McDonald, Greg Dearing and David Nicholson.

  • Madison Ewing, Jason Schmidt, Huter Sattich and Steve Taylor.

  • Lindsay Cordes and Adam Keith.

  • Dr. George and Helen Digenis with Diana and Bill Schmied.

  • Tom and Megan McDonald.

  • Karen Casi and Maxine Rouben.

  • Steve Taylor, Emily Digenis and Gregg T. Cobb.

  • John Smart and Terri Bass.

  • Sally Moyer, Lynne Fleming, Margaret Horlander and Charlie Moyer.

  • Bobbi Jo Weber and Shannon White.