Eat Your Bourbon Grand Opening

On Nov. 22, the Bourbon Barrel Foods team celebrated the ribbon cutting of the Eat Your Bourbon Marketplace in Crescent Hill. Located at 2708 Frankfort Ave. – right next to the retail store – the marketplace brings together Bourbon Barrel Foods’ handcrafted products and gourmet recipes by offering prepared foods and craft cocktails.

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

  • Trisha Rose and Matt Jamie.

  • Kris Korzeniowski and Michael Cain.

  • Dan, Eleanor and Louise Burke with Hannah Black.

  • Hannah Black, Frank Knight and Lucy Ackerson.

  • Hannah Black and Frank Knight.

  • Emily Kondras and Matthew Darnell.

  • Christopher and Tia Lightsy.

  • John Nation, Joe Wolek and Bill Hollander.

  • The ever-vigilant Mariah Kline.

  • Kevin Donoho, Caroline Knop, Corby Lamkin-Donoho and Margi Neff.

  • Caroline and Patrick Keller with Laura McDonald.

  • The Bourbon Barrel Brass Band.

  • Naomi Sparrow and Love Yascone.

  • Love Yascone and Rick Redding.

  • Love Yascone, Carolyn Knop and Naomi Sparrow.

  • Dale and Ceal Vish with Joan Gagel and Svea and Ron Allgeier.

  • Paul Chase and Lori Fruit.

  • Mariah and Seth Kline.

  • Ceal Vish, Svea Allgeier, Dale Vish and Susan Graves.

  • The crowd kept the bar tenders busy!

  • Michael and Cat Cain with Naomi Sparrow and Kris Korzeniowski.

  • Judy and Bill Sanders.

  • Tom Gorter and his Woodford Manhattan.

  • Aaron and Beth Willis.

  • Emily Campbell, Jason Kyle and Connor Carroll.

  • Three Generations of the Jamie Family, Ken, Matt and Max.

  • Gregg Wheeler and Melissa Cobb.