Dinner with the Arts

Fund for the Arts’ Women Leadership Circle donors gathered at the home of Tonya Abeln for a special event on Nov. 30. Supporters took part in an evening of art, food and drinks with a special appearance by spoken word poet Hannah Drake.

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

  • Sabeen Nasim and Stephanie Sturgeon.

  • Pat Howerton with Meredith and Karen Lawrence.

  • Judy Hanekamp and Matt Mershon.

  • Tonya Abeln and Meredith Lawrence.

  • Meredith Lawrence, Alexandra Hepfinger and Tonya Abeln.

  • Erica De La O, Monica Beavers and Morgan Eklund.

  • Lesa Seibert and Mindy Farnsley.

  • Gayle Dorsey, Martha Nichols-Pecceu and President and CEO of the Fund for the Arts Christen Boone.

  • Erica and Patience Fields.

  • Andrea Strange and Tara McGuire.

  • Colleen and Alexandra Hepfinger.

  • Tonya Abeln and Lesa Seibert.

  • Brianna Wright, Hannah Drake and Erica De La O.