Desserts First 2020

Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana hosted its annual cookie dessert extravaganza on March 6 at the Brown & Williamson Club at Cardinal Stadium.

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

  • Diana Stephen and Ginny Copenhefer.

  • Steve Maurer, Jody Patterson and Beth Geiser.

  • Jordan Rivers, Regular Laura and Brent Turner.

  • Whitney Mason, Geraldine Williams, Darlene Franklin, Julia Roybal, Liz Levy and Max Levy.

  • Dawn Gee emceeing.

  • Jeanne Zurkuhlen, Judi Petty and Maria Baumgartner.

  • Jessica Walter and Paula Riggins.

  • Dustin Ruffra, Sean Belden and Serge Katz.

  • Ken Barkley and Kessandra Ballard.

  • Jaelin Riskind and Erica Parker.

  • Robin and Jake Brockman.

  • Haley Cawthon, Brooke Timmons and Maggie Morris.

  • Jessica Hartman and Emily Kunkel.

  • Diane Banic, Bruce Campbell, Vicky Kaeser and Laura Paterson.

  • Justine Primavera and friends.

  • Brandon Smallwood, Patrick Roney, Dan Thomas, Paul Sant, Shelley Yoder and Amanda Hammad.

  • Michelle Magrum and Adrienne Gibson.