Derby Primp & Prep

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson


The Norton Commons community hosted the annual “Derby Primp & Prep” event on April 15 where 14 businesses offered specials on everything from mint juleps to discounted Derby apparel, along with giveaways and other promotions.

  • Stacia O'Sullivan of Underpinnings.

  • Kellie Sheehy, Susan Graf, Laura Wessel and Sherry Henry at Norton Commons.

  • Mary Jo Husband and Natalie Gerlack of Lulubelle's.

  • Caryn Kovatch of FIX.

  • Shyloe Luehrs of AR Workshops.

  • Breanne Hafling and Susan McCubbin of Something Blue.

  • Kathy Abbott of Studio Pilates.

  • Amber Alexander of The Spa.