Denim & Diamonds Gala

Supporters of the Parkinson Support Center of Kentuckiana had a boot-scootin’ good time at this annual fundraiser on June 7 at Sawyer Hayes Community Center.

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

  • Janeen and James Henderson, Fred Mitchell and Charles Turner.

  • Vanessa Dismang, Kasey Jackson and Chuck Dismang.

  • Allyse Reed, Dylan Lowe and Dawn Reed.

  • Bonnie and Bill Hudson.

  • Shane Kjelstrom and Leslie Laughrun.

  • Liz Bloom, Pam Wilkerson, Pat Dugan, Judy Newman, Becky Dugan and Matt Newman.

  • Bart and Julia Weigel with Tyson and Suzanne Gorman.

  • Blair and Justin Phillips with Brad and Natalie Vance.

  • Suzy Hillebrand and Dr. Alan Mouser.

  • Larry and Linda Mand with Kathy and Denise Bell.

  • Holly Cooper, Ann Pifer, Dave Moehle and Leslie Schwarts.

  • James Gregg and Cissy Musselman.

  • Peter and Erika Massey.

  • Lora Bowling and Andrea Lanham.

  • Brenda Light.

  • Lauren and Pamela Fulton Broadus.

  • April and David Buchanan with Don and Ellen Venhoff.

  • Martha and Dottie Bloom with Ashley and Dea Huber.

  • David and Jon Mand.

  • Jay Miller, Bob Schack and Jerry Bloom.

  • Janice Jackson, Fran Medley, Missy Schack and Jessie Miller.

  • Pat and Bill Brach, Sherry and Doug Ackerman and Barbara Nichols.

  • Doug Stegner and Beth Peabody.

  • Suzy Stone and Michael Kallay.