Daughters of Greatness Breakfast

Photos by Bill Wine

Prominent women involved in social philanthropy and activism took part in this breakfast series on Friday, Jan. 19. Jamillah Ali Joyce, daughter of Muhammad Ali and Chicago public servant, served as the guest speaker as attendees discussed current issues of justice, community engagement.

  • Kelly Henry, Regina Beckman and Stephanie Morgan-White.

  • Paula Gudger, Marti Tewell and Katie Rixman.

  • Ken Grossman and Chief Impact Officer for the Ali in All of Us Initiative John Leshney.

  • Mary Huff with Susan and Caitlin Donovan.

  • Marty and Geri Herbert.

  • Amira Ali, Jamillah Ali-Joyce and Rasheda Ali-Walsh.

  • Vincent James and Daryle Unseld.

  • Daryle Unseld, Mary Anne Schmitt- Carey, Mary Gwen Wheeler and Vincent James.

  • Kelly Watson and Senior Director of Public Relations and External Affairs Jeanie Kahnke.

  • Amer Beharic and Morgan Szabo.

  • Maddie and Beth Peabody, Missy Vella and Corinne Peabody.

  • Stormy and Margaret Weathers.

  • Sandra Harper and Rondah Kinchlow.

  • Jamillah Ali-Joyce, Mayor Greg Fischer, Rasheda Ali-Walsh and Amira Ali.

  • Amira Ali, President and Chief Executive Officer Donald E. Lassere, Jamillah Ali-Joyce,Rasheda Ali-Walsh, Mayor Greg Fischer and Rahaman Ali.

  • Director of Programming Erin Herbert.

  • Amira Ali.

  • Jamillah Ali-Joyce.