Crescent Hill Old-Fashioned Fourth of July

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

Fun was had by all at Crescent Hill’s Fourth of July celebration at the Peterson Dumesnil House. Festivities included food and beer booths, children’s games, music and a magical fireworks display.

  • Jen, Jack and Josh Porter.

  • Claudia and Maria Reh.

  • Madilyn and Shaya Hadden.

  • Paul and Nova Luckett.

  • Demonic Brown, Harley and Delta Johnson with their pup Lucy and bearded dragon Goldy.

  • Warren, Parisa and Austin Aulenbach.

  • Faith Bushnaq and Samuel Weary.

  • Joyce Corcoran, Lucia and Alexander Thomas with Julie Spencer.

  • Narada, Luna, Koda and Ravina James.

  • Shane Hall pets Harley Johnson's bearded dragon, Goldy.

  • Kathy and John Luxemburger.

  • Joey, Lindsay, Mo, Molly and Max Keck.

  • Thea, Gibbs, Sara and Edith Rounsavall.

  • Rikki and Barbara Moss.

  • Christina and Brodee Malo.

  • JoAnn Hardin and Kristen Omohundro.

  • Nova Luckett enjoys the bubble machine.

  • Emily and Gerri Veeneman.

  • Amanda Nickell and Elmer the guinea pig.

  • Shane and Jade Hall with their pup, Motley Crue, who won the award in the pet show for 'Most Patriotic'. Motley was dressed as a fire cracker.

  • Jasey McNabb and her bearded dragon, Spike, who won the award for 'Most Exotic'.

  • Tess Stratman and Meghan Smith.

  • Bill and Mary Strench.