The Countdown to NYE 2018

Loathe it or love it, there is always an intense amount of pressure to make the moments leading up to a new year memorable and special. Sometimes the motivation is to turn the tides on the ending of a bad year; or, the stimulus is to ring in the new year surrounded by friends and feeling your best and most fun self. Other times, folks just need a good excuse to wear some sequins. Whatever your incentive, the time is upon us to solidify where and with whom you will be as we bid adieu to 2017.

Through the year and the throughout the years, J. Wagner Group and Eventris have established a loyal following of party-goers who know that their events set a high standard for a good time. New Year’s Eve is no exception. If you are looking for the perfect place to first make the acquaintance of 2018, their event at Mellwood Arts and Entertainment Center sets the stage for a successful introduction.

Here, we offer our very own countdown of why:


Tony and the Tan Lines

Returning for their fourth year, this over-the-top group of musical characters will make you forget all the negativity of 2017. Just try not to smile and dance the night away to their sounds of the early 1980s. It’s virtually impossible. And while their catalogue of tunes spans far beyond the decade of excess, it is that spirit that energizes every performance. The interactive band has up to 10 members that play every musical instrument you can imagine, and some you can’t. Plus, their stage full of hilarious props begs for a fun photo op. If you’ve caught them at one of the 40 gigs they perform a year, you know they always bring the party, and for this New Year’s Eve, they promise to bring the sexy, too.   



Joey Wagner, Jason Brown and crew have event planning on lock—just look at their successful annual fundraiser Pink Prom. Besides a well-produced and entertaining evening, their hard-working staff assure logistics are triple-checked so everything is smooth as silk, even with a sold out crowd of 950 people. But they aren’t ones to rest on their laurels. Joey Wagner insists, “We’re constantly looking for ways to evolve our events and change them up. Performances may be the same but that’s because it is the best band and DJ in the city. The place will look completely different this year, though. We’ve modified everything from the lighting to the sound to the layout with some fun surprises.” With Millennium Events & Décor and Sounds Unlimited on board, it’s sure to be fabulous.


Mellwood Arts & Entertainment Center

The convenient location is certainly a draw. Mellwood Arts Center is large enough to comfortably house a dancing and celebrating crowd of this size with an open space that lends itself to tons of possibilities. A large bar space assures you won’t be trapped in line waiting for a drink when the clock strikes 12. With plenty of parking, the event space is easy for arrival and departure. In all cases, just be sure to settle on your designated driver in advance. Enjoy your champagne toast at midnight and then stay energized with sponsors Coca-Cola and Red Bull while dancing the rest of the night away until 2 in the morning. Or, take advantage of the cabs that that will be continually running to and from Mellwood from 12:15 to 2:15 a.m. to avoid hassle or surge charging.


The Beautiful People

Is this a catwalk or a dance floor? This event reliably attracts Louisville’s Instagram-friendly crowd. If I were planning to wing a midnight kiss with a stranger, this would be the party to make that happen. Customarily, this event attracts as many groups of singles as couples, so chances are, there are plenty of people in the crowd with the same intentions. Dress to impres—they all will! 


DJ K-Dogg

As if the crowd-pleasing band weren’t enough to set the sexy party tone, the city’s hottest DJ will be spinning as well. Tony and the Tan Lines will alternate 45-minute sets with DJ K-Dogg. You may recognize K-Dogg from his musical ability to get the Louisville fans hyped up at all the key moments. Trust that he knows how to use that intuition to get a party on its feet in any situation. The musical mix between the two entertainment acts makes for a well-paced evening with a balance that will please fans of all genres.


John Kenyon

I know this one seems a little left field but wait for it…thanks to the  the presenting sponsor, John Kenyon, guests will enjoy the….drumroll…John Kenyon Eye Ball Drop! The new addition of the ball drop this year will add to the excitement that builds to midnight. Who needs Time Square when you can enjoy the indoor comforts with such a commendable pun?


Strength in Numbers

With a crowd of almost 1,000 people, this event traditionally sells out, a distinction that speaks for itself. With that number of people, you’re sure to unexpectedly run into some you know, but also enjoy mingling with a diverse group outside of the typical copy/paste folks you see every time you go out. Maybe you won’t leave with 949 new best friends, but there is sure to be infectious energy that equals an unforgettable night. If crowds aren’t your thing…did I mention how large Mellwood Arts Center is? There is plenty of space to spread out or even sequester yourself VIP-style if that’s more your thing (VIP info at


Cocktails Aplenty

With sponsors like Grey Goose, Angel’s Envy, MOET Champagne and Anheuser Busch, not only does that suggest that you are sure to have a good time, it also means they won’t run out of the good stuff. Imbibe (responsibly) and enjoy! Make good decisions…and maybe a few questionable ones, but turn them all into great memories.


Tony and the Tan Lines

I know, I know—we already said that one. Trust me, this deserves a second mention. Not only will they be entertaining with their usual sexy musical adventure, but this year starting at 11 p.m., they will be playing a set exclusively of Michael Jackson and Prince covers. You’ll be partying like it’s 1999! 



An $80 ticket will include cocktails, appetizers, a champagne toast and all the entertainment you can handle (supreme people-watching included in that category). You can hardly get into a bar for that price on New Year’s Eve, so this is definitely a steal. The event will sell out, so you want to grab those tickets fast at