Colors of Courage 2019

On Nov. 9, supporters of Hope Scarves gathered at the Ice House for Colors of Courage and raised more than $225,000 for the cause. Hope Scarves partners with cancer survivors to share scarves, stories and hope with women who are facing cancer.

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

  • Laura Edwards, Ben Smith and Susan Kraft.

  • Greg and Lealia Evans and Ashley Fox.

  • Cathy and Jim Dahlem with Alice Carnes and Paulette Cunningham.

  • Kelsey Lindstrom, Tamoya Richardson, Kerrie Fullen, Elizabeth Anderson and Mendy Goonan.

  • Kristin Armstrong and Laura Ross.

  • Claire Latta and Dayna Neumann.

  • Dani Reich, Ari Willey and Amy Keller.

  • Bill and Joeley Brewer with Mike and Jennifer Lenihan.

  • Carrie Raymond, Lisa Resnik and Michele McMillen.

  • Doug and Cari Teff with Kathy and Brian Deprest.

  • Cate Darmstadt and Summer Auerbach.

  • Crystal Woodard and Cleo Whitley.

  • Angela Singla and Annie McLaughlin.

  • David and Tam Johnson.

  • Tom and Colleen Clines.

  • Ellie McLaughlin and Kate Sautel.

  • Ronnie Goldstein, Vicki Phillips, Patti Goldstein, Anne Arnold and friends.

  • Libby Hancock and Wayne Wilson.

  • Tracy and Jeff Squyres.

  • Laura and Chris Johnsrude.

  • Sarah and Sharon Frey.

  • Tara Boone, Laura Rittmuller and Trish Bellucci.

  • Kaveh Zamanian, John Shaw-Woo, Dr. Shiao Woo and Heather Zamanian.

  • Brigid Hallahan and Michelle Zangari.

  • Shelley Santry, Lara McGregor, Chris Corbin and Shannon White.

  • Linda Purvis and Anita Webb.

  • Cathryn Kennedy and Johneva Boone.