Clique Boutique NuLu Grand Opening

Friends and clients of Clique Boutique celebrated the opening of the salon’s third location at 709 E. Market St. on Nov. 16.

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

  • Joanna Flowers with Naomi.

  • Savannah Campbell and Shahrzad Javid.

  • Craig Pishotti, Elizabeth Oldham and Daniel Strasser.

  • Myron Hobbs and Janna Flowers.

  • Linda Roppel, Charley Haydon, Angie Downes and Dena Seng.

  • Elizabeth Johns and Amanda Hall.

  • Elizabeth Olson, Joni Allman, Bianca Smith and Savannah Campbell.

  • Jaina Flowers and Shelley Cohn.

  • Kathy and Randy Bloch with Valerie and Dave Hall.

  • Courtney Baxter and Clare Freid.

  • Scott Howe and Mo McKnight Howe with Ashley and Mike Andriakos.

  • Cameron Cousins, Lindsay Schanie and Sandie Cousins.

  • Shahrzad and Savannah give the prize wheel a spin.

  • Janna Flowers and Shahrzad Javid pose for a photo.

  • Jasmyn Raines and Cheryl Bierbaum.

  • James Doggett and Trisha Ulloa.

  • Meghan Garmon and Ashton Gahm.

  • Scout and Angie Downes with Kate Barnett.

  • Mickey and Shelley Cohn.