Chocolate Fest

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

On September 29, chocolate lovers rejoiced at this celebration and fundraiser held at Mellwood Art Center. Guests enjoyed treats from Macaron Bar, Candyman, Cellar Door Chocolates and many more, plus a performance by CirqueLouis.

  • Lisette Markham, Lee Mai and Cindi Wolf with CirqueLouis.

  • Leah Halston, Hector Hood and Adam Caperton.

  • Pamela Stocker, Trinity Campisano, Megan Iweimrin and Mandy Simpson.

  • Victor Rowe, Heather Falmen, Adam Hall and Daniel Gilvin.

  • Ann Siebel, Tyleen Stout and Michelle Romero.

  • Bryce Mitchell and Tasha Grimes.

  • Jasmine Ayers and Laura Shahan.

  • Jasmine Ayers and Laura Shahan.

  • Jasmine Ayers.

  • Laura Shahan, Missy Vitale and Leighann Pusateri.

  • Lee Mai with CirqueLouis.

  • Leighann Pusateri, Megan Iweimrin and Laura Shahan.

  • Zach Brunette, Wilma Dickfit (Shawn Woodside) and Tara Kokkov (Charlie Fugate) of the Derby City Sisters.

  • Sean Riley, Kevin Gibson and Adam Neff.

  • Derika and Todd Mercer.

  • Alex Phimsan, Jim Remaley and John Adams.

  • Lisa Moore and Della Montgomery.

  • John Austin Clark, Tarilyn Welles and Missy Vitale.

  • Leah Halston.

  • Bart and Whitney Iyvers.

  • Jon Murphy, Greg Bielefeld and Rick Silen.

  • Jordan Burlen and Liza Cholin.