Chocolate Fest 2018

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

Mellwood Art Center hosted the 2018 Chocolate Fest on Aug. 4. Guests enjoyed chocolate creations from The Comfy Cow, Macaron Bar, Sweet Cheeks and more, and participated in a silent auction.

  • Tiffany Williams and Kendra Carter.

  • Christina Sengelaub.

  • Robb Figueroa and Marlene Men.

  • Adam Schwartz, Chad Reischl, Shane Kelley, Brandon Harwood and Tom White.


  • Rebecca Pattillo and Charlotte Asmuth.

  • Cheryl Gilchrist and Tory Vagnini.

  • Nicole Yates, Stephanie Slater-Roberts, Robin Greenwell and Allicia Joos.

  • Alisha Cooper, Keith Inman and Sarah Hugenberg.

  • Mitchell Sailing and Russ Williams.

  • Heather Falmen and Keith Zirbel.

  • Curt and Allison Samblanet, Lindsay Wehr, John Crable, with Elise and Garrett Buck.

  • Erin Wilson and Rebecca Andrada.

  • Paige and Gwen Gottlieb.

  • Anna Garland, Sister Slut Muffin and Amy Grasberger.

  • Hugo Salvador, Christopher Johnson, Karen Bush and Richard McFarland.

  • Mary Alice and Kevin Knott.

  • Amanda Kremer and Sean Biven.

  • Jamey Butler, Sister Velveeta, Eric Anderson and Jeramy Harris.

  • Michael DeLeon, Greg Bourke with Jill and Mark Eaton.

  • Tarilyn Welles, Missy Vitale, Shana Dean, Cameo Bennett and Carrie Davis.

  • Leah Schultz, Jamey Butler, Jeramy Harris, Eric Anderson, and John Schult.

  • Paige Haessel, Sister Sweet Epiphany, Angel Alwayswithwings, Renarda Allen and Grant Harris.