Chili’s Clips for Kids

In solidarity with children fighting cancer, participants clipped, trimmed or shaved their heads at Fourth Street Live! on May 21 at Chili’s Clips for Kids. Sponsored by Chili’s, this event benefited local children battling cancer at Norton Children’s Hospital. Painted faces and a few costumed guests took part, and the day was emceed by Jesse and MJ from 106.9 PLAY.

Photos by Bill Wine.

  • Eleanor Thompson had her face painted.

  • Jacob Blincoe, Chris Kamer, Garrett Fischer and Sam Blincoe.

  • Glenn Goodwin and Melissa Lucas.

  • Kendall Fisher.

  • Steven Quinn and Kayla Renner.

  • Jan and Dan Mattingly.

  • Jonika Bowan and Louie.

  • Katelynn " Derby Belle".

  • Katelynn " Derby Belle" and " Bonkers".

  • Caitlin Sedlar and Julie Smith.

  • Neill Luckett and Chasity Timmes.

  • Kim Uhls and Lori Colorito.

  • Chili’s Clips for Kids.

  • Chili’s Clips for Kids.

  • 501st Legion Derby City Squad with Blue Moon Clan.

  • Chili’s Clips for Kids.

  • Kevin Patel, Mark and Tammy Davis, Louie, Susan Mucker and Andrew Cook.

  • Nicklas Weil smiled as he prepared for his new mohawk hairstyle.

  • Misty Stovall and Kalayiah Gordon.

  • Jesse with 106.9 with Louie.

  • Louie had his hair trimmed.

  • U Of L football player Mason King.

  • Jesse & MJ with 106.9 were the emcees for the event.

  • Gage Miller smiled as he displayed his new hairstyle.

  • Chili’s Clips for Kids.

  • Chili’s Clips for Kids.

  • James Pizzolato.