Chili’s Clip for Kids

Benefiting Norton Children’s Cancer Institute in affiliation with The University of Louisville, this annual event was presented on May 19 at Fourth Street Live. In support of those battling pediatric cancer, many people had their hair clipped, trimmed or shaved. It was a day filled with live music, games, crafts, face painting, sweet treats and more.

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

  • Ashley Durbin, Ethan Bednarczyk and Rachel Durbin.

  • Samantha Franke, Dion Walker Sr. and Lana Dobson pose for a selfie.

  • Samantha Franke, Dion Walker Sr. and Lana Dobson.

  • The Romero Family.

  • Recka Elder with Michael and Judy Fisher.

  • Camron Rodgers, Emanuel Rodgers, Miriam Hope and Joseph Rodgers.

  • Melissa Rotella, Russ Brownstein, Sarah Chin and John Guttwillig came ready for the rain.

  • Julie Smith and Jessica Newton.

  • Julie Smith, Aidon Welsh and Jessica Newton.

  • Bridgett Lococo and Kim Lemons.

  • Ron Merritt and Pat Carrico.

  • Aidon and Ron Welsh.

  • Malik poses with the 501st Legion.

  • Karrie Walp and Hillary Harris.

  • Nicole Tate and Tori Minteer.

  • Mason and Camryn show off their facepaint.

  • Susie Bowman, Amanda Stotts, Maureen Lamb, JD and Ian Frazier, Aidon Welsh and Landon Newton.

  • Bhavana Pavuluri and Aarushi Shewale.

  • Debi Smith, Cheryl Szuzs and Paul Wheat.

  • Hal Deetsch, Charlie Cecil and Connor Wantye.

  • Camryn, Mason and Jennifer Thomas with Dr. Raj and Dr. Tse and Tammy McClanahan and Maureen Lamb.

  • Ellie and Brandley Yerkes with Brian Schreck.