Chenoweth Square Holiday Walk

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

Guests got a head start on holiday shopping at the Chenoweth Square Holiday Walk on Nov. 9. Free refreshments were served as guests strolled throughout the shopping center, marvelling at the locally-owned boutiques decorated for the holidays. During the walk, donations were collected for the Home of the Innocents.

  • Lulu Frey and Dianna Guyton.

  • Angel Jackie and Kathy Scheler.

  • Meredith Vittitow, Connie Schluening, Madeline Vittitow, Mary Beth Hughes and Linda Vittitow.

  • Shelba Luvin, Donna Zapata and Duff Giffen.

  • Missy Boughey, Robin Dray and Beth Maloney.

  • Sheryl Jackowitz and Jackson Thomas.

  • Missy Boughey, Robin Dray, Santa Pat the Derby City Kringle, Yvette Phillips, Beth Maloney, Melissa Anonson and Sandra Watts.

  • Laura Edelen and Lindsey Brantley.

  • Mike Fallot, Tim Hourigan and Bill Wetterer.

  • Ashley Wilczek, Kimla Goff and Amber Bowling.

  • Susan Berberich, Geri Huff and Teresa Lawrence.

  • Marilyn Bernard and Gayle Gamboa.

  • Micah Chandler.

  • Dana Pettit and Barb Renfroe.

  • Everly Lancaster and Kim Mackin.

  • Freida Trower and Brenda Scott.

  • Melanie Jefferson, Susan Buetenbach and Tiffany Wiegel.

  • Shirley Boyd and Christine Busby.

  • Jeff and Martha Soley.

  • Michael Faurest and Richard Thompson.

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