Chenoweth Square Derby Trot

On April 10, Chenoweth Square kicked off Derby season with their annual shopping extravaganza. The evening included live music, store promotions, beverages and bites and much more.

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

  • Jane Marshall and Pam Klinker.

  • Pam Gatti and Laura Phillips.

  • Madeline and Ronnie Flerlage.

  • Laura Cullens and Bob Hetzel.

  • Juanita Edmondson, Pam, Kam and Michael Jones with Susan Graves, Mary Riggs and Ceal Vish.

  • Mimi and Jerry Sims.

  • Allison Pullen and Kerry DeMuth.

  • Annie Brown, Kitty Drake and Shawn Brown.

  • Ceal Vish, Susan Graves, Mary Riggs and Joan Gagel.

  • Finley and Alexa Brooks.

  • Phil Kelley.

  • Debbie Blevins and Jane Kinsella.

  • Monica O’Connor, Gwen Pyle, Kathy O’Connor and Bea Wetzelberger.

  • Denise Hublar and Marcia Koetter.

  • Dolores Leis and Therese Zinser.

  • Leah Montgomery and Nicola Foreman.

  • Angela Ochsner and Pat Dameron.