Celebration of Service and Survival

On Feb. 15, The Center for Women and Families hosted its Celebration of Service and Survival at the Louisville Marriott Downtown. During this elegant evening, The Center paid tribute to five Women of Distinction who have served as important advocates for women and girls in Kentuckiana.

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

  • Barbara Fischer with Kevin and Cindy Cecil.

  • Clancy Hauber and Suzy Gessner.

  • Africa Hands and Arlene Grullon.

  • Ann Coffey and Mary Gwen Wheeler.

  • Rebekah McPhee, Connie Barker, Debbie Nelson and Connie Tedesco.

  • Amanda Corzine, Jennifer Broadway and Jennifer Ramsey.

  • Emmett Ogden, Judge Lauren Ogden and Elizabeth Farley.

  • Luaunna Britton and Women of Distinction Award recipient Sharon Darling.

  • Elizabeth Farley and Bill Ringo.

  • Lindsay Porter and Meredith Ellis.

  • Bobby Cunningham and Christie Maloney.

  • Kelley Bright and Heather Falmen.

  • Dr. Betsy Coffey and Bob Coffey.

  • Madeline and Jerry Abramson.

  • Jeremy Curran and Jay Dortch with Laura and Dale Wessel.

  • Kiera Hall with Cary and Marta Miranda Straub.

  • Sue Speed and Nancy Doctor.

  • Mitchell Robinson, Lauren Lejong and Hannah Guy.

  • Darlene Thomas, Gretchen Hunt and Madison Capps.

  • Pam Rice and Laura Ryan.

  • Heend Sheth, Kriya Patel, Calesia Henson and Shelley Santry.