Cedar Lake Foundation Gala

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

On Nov. 13, Cedar Lake Foundation celebrated its 50th Anniversary Hearts of Gold Gala at the Louisville Marriott Downtown. Their most significant fundraising event of the year included a cocktail reception, fabulous live auction, gourmet dinner, a profound mission program and an after-party worth celebrating!

  • Beverly Maclin, Marci DeRoberts and Katie Maclin Deppe.

  • Maggie Morris and Brooke Timmons.

  • Bruce and Paula Beickman with Cassandra and Kedrick Tembo.

  • Maggie and Jeff Twiggins.

  • Joanne Caridis, Ann Wells and Maxine Bird.

  • Benjamin and Jennifer Dentinger.

  • Larry and Sue Rueff.

  • Mary Jo and Brian Scannell with Jim and Robin Hisle.

  • Isabella and Bonnie Jacobson.

  • Andrew and Jennifer Holden with Felisha and Troy Dowdy.

  • Olivia Huber, Megan Imel and Sarah Hook.

  • Sydney Amyx, Helen Claspy and Maria Morris with Unified Technologies.

  • Sara and Jim Haynes.