Butterflies in Motion

Photos by Bill Wine
Held at the Brown Hotel, this fun and festive luncheon took place on October 3. Those in attendance decorated their tables in movie themes and many dressed in costumes to match. The luncheon was emceed by WAVE3’s Kevin Harned and Shannon Cogan.

  • Beauty & The Beast.

  • Pollock.

  • Men In Black.

  • LA LA Land.

  • Alice In Wonderland.

  • Father of the Bride.

  • Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory.

  • Sleepless in Seattle.

  • The Money Pit.

  • Titanic.

  • Casablanca.

  • Lauren Cavanaugh and Heather Peters.

  • Gary Stewart, Rosemary Kirkwood and Walter Martin.

  • Diana and Bill Schmied.

  • Von Priddy and Karen Casi with Brooks and Kristie Crenshaw.

  • Abigail Wyleta, Sallie Gardner, Sarah Ivey, Jamie Estes, Jaimie Schapker, Hayley Amoss, Emily Curtsinger and Carol Whalen.

  • Ann Coffey, Patty Johnson and Annette Grisanti.

  • Leighan Dickerson, Elizabeth Kuhn and Kristen Hill.

  • Connie Boland, Chris Dreisbach, Pat Carrico, Ann Dreisbach, Russell Smith, Judy Huber, Amy Bergeron and Jennie Ferguson.

  • Deborah and Bart Greenwald, Kassi Cawood with Beckie and Bobby Ennis.

  • Andrew Kipe, Leslie Broecker and Ed Schadt.

  • Event co-chair Libby Parkinson, Don Parkinson and Kassi Cawood.

  • Rosemary Kirkwood and Pam Ray.

  • Bridget Williams and Sue Baughman.

  • Gail Russell and Rita Bell.

  • Wanda Repasky, Steph Horne, Sue Baughman and Emily Digenis.

  • Ann Coffey and Mary Casey.

  • Dan Schusterman, Margaret Schneider, Don Thornberry and Evie Edinger.

  • McDonalds.

  • Andrea Aran, Catherine Evans, Shahrzad Javid and Jessisha Thompson.

  • Bart Greenwald and Tonya Abeln.

  • Mary Broecker, Barbara Hood Shwab, Leighan Dickerson, Kristen Hill, Eileen Brown and Gail Russell.

  • Butterflies In Motion.