Butterflies in Motion

The Butterfly Society, Heuser Hearing Institute’s volunteer community, hosted its annual cinematic fundraiser on Oct. 18 at the Brown Hotel. Supporters decorated their tables and themselves to compete for the award for best table design while enjoying lunch and bidding on auction items.

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

  • Donna Kiley and Margaret Young.

  • Mary Casey and Deborah Greenwald.

  • Shahrzad Javid with NTS Development Company.

  • Elizabeth Rhodes, Libby Parkison, Herman Kessler and Pat Ballard.

  • Patty Johnson, David McGuire and Lindy Street.

  • Margaret Schneider and Ashley Thornberry.

  • Krista Bradon and Isabella Abenante.

  • Janet Lively, John Oliva and Terri Albert.

  • Laura Dausman and Sara Taylor.

  • Frankie Spagnolo, Valerie Fuchs, Larry Shapin, Ladonna Nicolas, Meagan Winters and Dean Thomas.

  • Scott and Suzzane Cook with Janice Mueller and Mona McCubbin.

  • Jo Ross as Maggie Smith and Bobbi Dewey as Judi Dench.

  • Pat Miller, Linda and Robbie Steder with Jan Corum.

  • Beverly Griffith and Gail Russell.

  • Brett Bachmann, Lesa Seibert, Joey Wagner and Conrad Bachmann.

  • Dick Burge and John Howard Shaw-Woo.

  • Whitny Lally and Andrea Aram.

  • Beckie Ennis, Heather Peters and Kelly Carroll.

  • Faith Yascone and Will Buschmann.

  • Peggy Duane, Don Harris and Sherry Baird.

  • Christine Aycock and Von Purdy.

  • Table competition judge Brigid Witzke, co-chair Libby Parkinson and table competition judge Leslie Broecker.

  • Annalee Worthington and Katherine Halloran.

  • Suzanne Moeller and Suzanne Spencer.

  • Shelly Kamei, Hunter Weinberg, Susan Hovekamp and Carolyn Sheldon.

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