Brown-Forman Annual Meeting

On the Town with Celebrated photographer John H. Harralson Jr.

Brown-Forman held its annual stockholders meeting on July 26 at its headquarters in Louisville. At the conclusion of the meeting, a progress report was given by chairman and CEO Paul Varga, followed by a reception held in the Forester Center.

  • Austin and Janie Musselman.

  • Marshall Farrer and Dace Brown Stubbs.

  • Jennifer Simmonds and Maria Elbi.

  • Brooke Brown Barzun and Mary Jones.

  • Katherine and Ed Veazey.

  • Karla Hagen and Bryan Sperry.

  • Jim Hayes, Laura Lee Brown, Steve Wilson and Dace Brown Stubbs.

  • Belinda Shouse and Bob and Luddy Edwards.

  • Jeannine Wise, Hannah Lyons and Mia Simpson Culp.

  • Megan Wedel, Ty Griffin, Phyllis Kelly and Emily Gray.