Broadway’s Booziest Brunch

Photos by John Sodrel

AAC hosted this delightful first-time event at ArtSpace on September 30. Guests enjoyed delicious breakfast treats from The Cheddar Box, The Silver Dollar, ZEGGZ Amazing Eggs and more. After brunch, several attendees belted out their favorite Broadway show tunes with a piano accompanist, and Charlotte Campbell took home the award for best performance.

  • Sara Troxel and Acting Against Cancer Production Stage Manager Jaclyn Lyons.

  • Shelby Zeller and Chris Wagner.

  • Jason Cooper.

  • Accompanist Gayle King, Charlotte Conn and Remy Sisk.

  • Broadway's Booziest Brunch at Acting Against Cancer.

  • John Austin Clark.

  • David LoDestro and Jonathan Mills.

  • Acting Against Cancer's upcoming shows.

  • Justin White.

  • Broadway's Booziest Brunch.

  • Accompanist Gayle King and Sydney Magers.

  • Accompanist Gayle King and Blake Cox.

  • Acting Against Cancer Managing Director Whitten Montgomery and Artistic Director Remy Sisk.

  • Charlotte Conn.

  • Rose Riehm and Julie McGuffey.

  • Lanney, Cindy and Charlie Meredith.

  • Charlotte Campbell and Milo MacPhail.

  • Sheila and Jack Quire, Celeste Quire and Kendrick Vonderschmitt.

  • Benji Simmons and Sydney Magers.

  • Bob Sisk and Elsa Haddad.

  • Broadway's Booziest Brunch.

  • Broadway's Booziest Brunch.

  • John Austin Clark and Acting Against Cancer Choreographer Maggie Patten Schoenbaechler.