Brew at the Zoo

Photos by Tim Valentino

This sold out event on August 25 let guests sample beverages from a number of craft breweries, restaurants and wineries. Attendees also enjoyed live entertainment and encountered a few of the zoo’s lively residents.

  • Terrence Burbridge, Ann Roach and Charles Gemwinn of Irish Rover.

  • Leigh Weaver and Shane Parsons.

  • April Curtsinger and Brian Elble of Stillwater.

  • Pam Begley of Liquor Barn.

  • Kelly Flaherty and Bonnie Decker of Pap John's.

  • John and Anna Hibbs.

  • Amanda Miller, Steve Keenan and Shannon Hankins.

  • Chris and Donald Johnson.

  • Grace Brun, Bradley Bringardner, Diane Hazellief and Susan Coons.

  • Patrick Morris and Samantha Burmeister with Louisville Rugby.

  • Nick Slattery and Mike Bond with Louisville Rugby.

  • Susan Gomez with Liquor Barn.

  • Chris and Laura Murphy of Mesh.

  • Tammy Green, Jennifer Ellis and Cindy Shuck.

  • Kristen Staab, Caroline Smith, Victoria Mayer and Jason and Dodie Howlett.

  • Heather Burks, Drew English, Laura Hill, Alex Weber and Jeremy Haddix of Eiderdown.

  • Jayson McDonald.

  • Lydia and Eric Frasher, Michelle Pinckney, James Johnson, Amanda Metcalf, Sam Garas and Allison Hagan.

  • Suzanne Birdwell, Chrissy Lally and Amy Allgeier.

  • Sean Stevens of White Squirrel, Andrea Donaldson of Deschites and Chris Johnson of MadTree.

  • Chuck Dobbins and Cathy Shircliff.

  • Lolita Kendrick and Jeff Slyn.

  • Sheri and Doug Gardner.

  • Katie Traughber and Brandon Simpson.

  • Stephanie's Bachelorette Party.

  • Linda Wethington.

  • Abbey Costello and Emily Williams.