Bowmanfest 2019

Despite a little rain, aviation enthusiasts enjoyed two days of fun at Bowman Field on Oct. 5 and 6. Attendees had the chance to see more than 50 planes, take part in the first-ever 5K on the Runway, take rides in historic aircrafts, view military exhibits and so much more.

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

  • Wade and Kathy Hendricks.

  • Rob and Robert Maurer.

  • Jeffrey, Levi and Clayton Nau.

  • Miriam Ostroff, Ray Loveless and Matt Westfall.

  • Brock Aldrich with his Subsonic plane.

  • Emma Smith with Lucas and Mark Lichtsteiner.

  • Taylor O'Daniel with Rylie and Nick Morris.

  • Danielle, Angel and Austin McDonald.

  • The Marvin Family.

  • Payton and Tamara Maverick.

  • Kim Kina and David West Reynolds.

  • Kim Kina and David West Reynolds.

  • Sophie and Amelia.

  • Elaine and Dorian Walker.

  • The Armstrongs and Meeks.

  • Matt, Harper and Lisa Nissen.

  • Shannon Shifrin.