Boots, Badges and Bids

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

On Oct. 16, supporters of the Louisville Metro Police Foundation gathered at Lincliffe for a boot-scootin’ good time! The festivities included a live and silent auction, tasty bites and drinks with live entertainment. Proceeds raised go to the LMPF, which supports the police officers of Louisville Metro through programs, equipment and aiding officers and their families in times of need.

  • Sheila Bliss, Todd Oetken, Chuck Zickus and Kerri Sullivan.

  • Corey and Nicole Robinson with Renee and Jim Clark.

  • David and Lindsey Yates, Troy LaBlanc, Tommi Whitehouse, Nick Ellis, Amanda and Nick Fow, and Leeann and Allen Manganello.

  • Troy and Debbie Pitcock with Ashley and Chad Snellen.

  • Jeremy Morgan, Meesha Morgan, Sara Kulyan, Dwight Witten, Susan Witten, Elizabeth Woolsey and Travis Doster.

  • Trent Garland with Kandis and Trey Morris.

  • Lisa Mackin with Becky and Ken Blacketer.

  • Ferris and Rania Shunnarah.

  • Terri Bass, Kevin Grangier and Steve Bass.

  • Terri Bass, Kevin Grangier and Steve Bass.

  • Jose and Tatiana Rolon with April and Josh Zik.

  • Jamie Walker, Luke Phan and Belle.

  • John Y. Brown III, Ted Steinbock and David Nicholson.

  • The Shoenbergers.

  • Robert Diamond and Cathy Lyons.

  • Lauren Sharp Anderson.

  • Linda Weber, Tammy McGlasson, Joe Magana, Lyndsey Taylor-Hess, Allison Strickland and Erin Baum.

  • Jim and Michelle Ellis.

  • Steve and Steve.

  • Steve Humphrey, Michelle and Jim Ellis and Steve Bass.

  • Micah and Alexandra.

  • Doug Whyte and Stephanie Nash with Tosha and Steve Tucker.

  • Doug and Annette Sweeney with LJ Johnson and Jim Onkst.

  • Logan Bertrand, Calloway Denton, Berry Denton and Sarah and Aaron Reed.

  • Rebecca and John Y. Brown III.

  • Janice Carter Levitch Humphrey, Terri Bass and Lauren Sharp Anderson.