Bluegrass Farm-to-Table Dinner and Conservation Awards

Ashbourne Farms hosted this elegant dinner and awards ceremony on Sept. 28. Guests savored gourmet bites from Ashbourne’s kitchen as former Kentucky First Lady Libby Jones of Airdrie Stud was honored as the Land Conservationist of the Year.

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

  • Richard and Becky Smith.

  • Austin Musselman with Sarah and Paul Keith.

  • Amy Streeter and Michelle Lewis.

  • Karen Arnold, Annette and Terry Adams, Laura Wilhem and Jamie Musselman.

  • Michelle Lewis, Stephanie Geddes and Amy Streeter.

  • Miriam Tinnell and Manuel Fields.

  • Lauren Hardesty, Devin Armstrong and Nicole Zub.

  • Gwen and Sam Ronald with Owen Ronald and Jessica Linder.

  • Bill and Phyllis Petot, Pat and Sonny Gousha and Michal Rand Kruger with Harriet and Greg Tritz.

  • Kathleen and Dale Line.

  • Herb Heneman and Leslie Laforce.

  • Jen and Ajay Shah.

  • Jennie, Peek and Hope Garlington.

  • Laura Lee Brown and Steve Wilson.

  • Matt and Knox Phister with George Cox, Ann Stilz, Jeff Hallos and Margaret Graves.

  • Maria Yorba, Jessin Blossom and Leigh DeLair.

  • JR Streeter and Peggy Schoenhoff.

  • Steve Humphrey and Janice Carter Levitch.

  • Austin Musselman, Jessie Wilder and Hugh Archer, winner of the Louise Allen Conservation Award.

  • Bluegrass Land Conservancy Chair, Helen Alexander, with Libby Lloyd Jones, the 2019 Land Conservationist of the Year.

  • Libby Lloyd Jones taking a moment to address the crowd after winnning Land Conservationist of the Year.

  • Sloane Graff, Steve Ragan and David Richardson.

  • Karen Bert, Deborah Bilitski, Scott Sager, Jan Faulkner, Rick Sweeny, Amy Sager, Austin Musselman and Marion Whelan.