Black Bourbon Society “Barrel Select” Screening

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson


The Black Bourbon Society in partnership with Maker’s Mark and Spirits Network hosted a screening of “Barrel Select” and a cocktail party at Four Pegs on May 28. 

  • Samara and Armond Davis with Rachel Ford-Harb.

  • Samara and Armond Davis with The Black Bourbon Society.

  • Reginald Glass, Elmer Lucille Allen, and Armond and Samara Davis.

  • Peggy Noe Stevens with Elmer Lucille Allen and Reginald Glass.

  • Samara Davis, Elmer Lucille Allen and Armond Davis.

  • Rachel Ford-Harb and Megan Breier.

  • Steve Akley and Conor O'Driscoll.

  • Tia Edwards, Peggy Noe Stevens and Shawn Edwards.

  • Yamina Leatherwood, Roy Byrd and Dwayne Hawkins.

  • Curtis Tate and Cleo Battle.

  • Carolyn Cain and Bridgette Lanier.

  • Tamara Siler, Jeff Underwood, Monica Miller, Sabrina Johnson and Elena Hicks.

  • Jaclyn and Fred Minnick with Bob Ford and Kayla Streeting.

  • Melvin Washington, C-A, Na'Shota Lytle, Cheryl Bruins, Ephesian Poinsette and Shavonda Watkins.

  • Black Bourbon Society 5th Anniversary.

  • Samara Davis and Donna Bowman.

  • Fred Minnick and Samara Davis.