Biscuits & Bourbon

Photos by Kathryn Harrington


The Kentucky Derby Museum hosted a southern-inspired brunch along with live music, unlimited Kentucky bourbon, mimosas and Bloody Marys on April 28 with The Voice as the Media Sponsor of the event. Ticketholders who purchased a Churchill Downs Box Seat topped off their brunch with a day at the races. 

  • Donna Haag and Donna O’Bryan.

  • Curt and Julie Engelstad.

  • Lynne Meena with the Kentucky Derby Museum and Susan Moremen.

  • Dale Reavy, Connie Freibert, Michelle Andrews, Joan Mueller and Beth Browning.

  • Dale Reavy, Connie Freibert, Brenda Meredith, Michelle Andrews, Joan Mueller and Beth Browning.

  • Samantha Jenkins, Jennifer Johnson, Barb Wainwright, Deb Rayman, Lynn Wyatt, Helen Davis, Sherry Spanyer, Cheri Lineweaver, Traci Stemmle and Sharon Jenkins with The Fillies.

  • Andrew and Jennifer Dinsmore.

  • Jason Foust, Angel Teta, Deja Lawson and Cory Hosack with Angels Envy.

  • Ruth Sallee and Pam Burnett.

  • Hallee and Gregg Bridgeman.

  • Charles Delano, Catherine and Allan Kaulback with Maggie Hall.

  • Terry and Matt Hendricks.

  • Andre Garcia.

  • Jasmine Northington and Andre Garcia

  • Andre Garcia.

  • Christa Hammack and Carol White.

  • Debbie Boklage, Anne Lehman and Jan Kempf.

  • Sarah Levitch and Janice Carter Levitch Humphrey.

  • Katie Fussenegger and Sheridan Gates.

  • Andrea DeOrio, Alyssa Murphy, Brianna McCarthy, Rachel Overton and Courtney Hehn.

  • Sharon Weikert, Gretchen Houchin, Gemma Fetalver, Jennifer Smith, Ashley Cochran and Ann Dreisbach.

  • Chris Miller and Tanya Hunt.

  • Pat Armstrong.

  • Bill Wallace.

  • Bill Wallace and Pat Armstrong.

  • Bob Baffert.

  • Bob Baffert.

  • Bob Baffert.

  • Bob Baffert.

  • Jill and Bob Baffert.

  • Janice Carter Levitch Humphrey and Sarah Levitch.

  • Kentucky Derby Musuem CEO and president Patrick Armstrong, Jill and Bob Baffert with Janice Carter Levitch Humphrey and Sarah Levitch.