Bike to Beat Cancer

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

Celebrating 10 years of caring for patients and families, the Norton Cancer Institute hosted Bike to Beat Cancer on Sept. 8. Riders took part in races ranging from five to 100 miles long in honor of those who have won and lost their battles with the disease. All of the funds raised went to the Norton Cancer Institute and Norton Children’s Cancer Institute.

  • Tiffany and Vada Peabody.

  • Amber Bennett and Jessica Ferry.

  • Mary Burks.

  • Jennifer, Brent and Jill Caple.

  • Teri Violi, Laura Rink and Shelly Pisa.

  • Edie, Caroline, Lauren, Sarah, Georgia, Gabby, Georgia P., Allie and Marie with the Sacred Heart Academy Chear Team.

  • Beth Waltrip, Laura Waltrip and Ericka Dixon with Hogan Lovells.

  • Joy and Vic Cortese.

  • Caitlin and Mary Cambron.

  • Betty Ball with Scott, Trey and Stacey Schoen.

  • Jenni, Samantha and Shannon Haynes.

  • Linda, Trevor the second, Trevor, Ella and Rebecca Williamson.

  • Anne and Colton Cannon, Lynnie Meyer, Julia, Albert and Hazel Leggett with Jeremy Sprecker and the Norton Women’s and Children’s Hospital Team.

  • Karen Knop, Susan Bufford and Stacey Haskel with Team Trilogy who rode in memory of Otto Knop.

  • Brenda Bailey, Jeannie Johnson and Pat Tulauskas.

  • Annie, Christina and Pearl Iliff.

  • Jennifer Ratterman and Daniel Miles.

  • Sadie Terry, Ashley Blackerby, Jackson Blackerby, Robin Hodgson and Susan Shee.

  • DeWanna Oliver, Carrie Regnier and Brenda Stewart.

  • Drake, Tom and Paisley Stettenbenz.

  • Marlon Capili, Shara Lucio, Jessaluz Braga and Nicolai Bernardo.

  • Jessaluz Braga, cancer survivor Edith Wright and Nicolai Bernardo.