Big Brims and Fancy Trims

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson


The Kentucky Derby Museum hosted the annual Big Brims and Fancy Trims Derby Hat Sample Sale on April 8. Attendees could shop for the best deals on more than 500 Derby hats and enjoyed complimentary cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and music. 

  • Carmen Croudep and Marcy Sims.

  • Terri Smalley and Pam Baker.

  • Tonya Underwood, Evin Munson, Alex MacDonald, Katie Fuffenegger and Kristina Gerard.

  • Teresa Gerson, Marcie and Melroy Pottinger.

  • Ashley Parker and Henrietta Gray.

  • Karen Draper and Jodi Toft.

  • Laura Bishop, Heather Overby and Valerie Bensing.

  • Jessica Ulrich and Misty Bednark.

  • Melanie Lowery, Trena Smith, Maria and Madeline Baumgartner, Melissa Boone and Lindsay O'Neil.

  • Anna Lovelace and Pam Martin.

  • Laurie Wilmes, Karah Force and Courtney Wells.

  • Ellen Yunker, Karen Wilcoxson, Sandi Heyes, Nancye Claypool and Kelly Hanna-Carroll.

  • Gretchen Treitz Martin and Marty Treitz Latter.