Better Block Shelby Park

Community partners and residents came together on Friday and Saturday, May 12 and 13 to participate in arts programming, host pop-up shops and enjoy street vendors on Logan and Oak Streets in Shelby Park. Their combined efforts were devoted to the reinvigoration of the neighborhood and to introduce the city to the potential of Shelby Park.

Photos by Tim Valentino.

  • Woodrow on the Radio.

  • Chan Nelsen and Kailani of Back Deck Bar-b-que.

  • Charles Merritt and Max.

  • WLKY interviews some attendees.

  • Engine 15 arrives on the scene.

  • Executive Director Tom Stephens and Liaison Beth Thorpe.

  • Setting up.

  • Sam and Rick Miller chat with Tom Stephens.

  • Another Sam Miller and Harley Mercier check out the new bike lane.

  • Carol Davis, John Luttrell, Project Manager Jess Brown and Jack.

  • Doris Sims of the Louisville Convention and Visitors Bureau and Sally Knickerbocker.

  • Ann Heighton, Karen Maynard, Tracy Slone and Pete Flood.

  • Dan Burks, Ryan Olson and Mike Darin of Engine 15.

  • Suzi Bernard and Eric David Gould.

  • Vince Cain, Katleen Denhard and Nik Heberlein representing Great Flood Brewing Co.

  • Michael Robner and Matt Ruben.

  • Jason Lois.

  • Jason Lois.

  • David Royster, Michele Bright, Isaiah, Toni Randall and Kris Wilkins of Shana's Smoothies.

  • Jessica Bledsoe of Snowhat Snowballs.

  • Tim Holz and Linda Erzinger setting up an art installation.

  • Ron, Emily, Bently and Jason Lois.

  • ShawnNika Queen of Smoketown Project Heal and Liyania Edwards.

  • Bently painting.

  • Beth Thorpe, Jess Brown, Max Monahan of New Directions, Brandy Embry and Carol Davis

  • New Directions CEO Lori Flanery and Chip Rogalinski.

  • Lonney Tate, Johnny Berry and Steve Cooley.

  • Jason Lois.