Bench and Bar Social

Louisville Bar Association hosted the legal community’s premier gathering at the Kentucky International Convention Center on Jan. 31. LBA’s mission is to provide law-related services to all members of the community and improve public access to the judicial system.

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

  • Terri Boroughs and Sallie Stevens.

  • Danielle Lewis and Megan Keane.

  • Kathi Jones, Laurel Hajek and Jonathan Raymon.

  • Janet Jakubowicz and Scott Furkin.

  • Sara Collins and Lonita Baker.

  • Maggie Patterson, Bethany Bellofatto and Sameen Shabbir.

  • Darryl Lavery, Madison Shoffner, Matthew Londergan and Elizabeth Jones Brown.

  • Lindsey Davidson with Metro Realty and Wende Cosby with Republic Bank.

  • Dillon Nichols, Joseph R. Schwamb and Daniel Wenig.

  • Judges Erica Lee Williams, Eric Haner and Colin Lindsay.

  • Angela McCorkle Buckler and John Selent.

  • Julie Kaelin, Stephanie Horne, James Craig, and Loren Prizant.

  • Kathi Jones and Judge Stephanie Burke.

  • Ashleigh Collard, Heend Sheth and Shelley Santry with the Brandeis School of Law.

  • Jeff Been, Angela McCorkle Buckler and John Selent.

  • Lindsay Gray, Tanya Bowman and Emily Monarch.

  • Kevin Lynch and Judge Stephanie Burke.

  • Bernadette Olmos and Charity Mansfield.

  • Gus Herbert and Clay Stevens.

  • Melissa Whitehead and Dustin Meek.

  • Judge Lauren Ogden and Karen Casi with Deborah and Bart Greenwald.