Bench & Bar Social

Photos by Tim Valentino

The city’s legal community held their largest networking event of the year at The Ice House on Thursday, Jan. 18. The night’s “Chicago” theme based on the hit musical inspired the raffle grand prize that one lucky winner gained, a trip to Chicago with a voucher to a Broadway show.

  • McKay Chauvin, Phil Dobbins and Paul Casi.

  • Jeff Been and David Tachau.

  • Seth Gladstein and Daryl Lavery.

  • Chris Schulz and Ashlea Helmann.

  • Scott Franklin, Judge Lauren Ogden and Emmett Ogden.

  • Judges Eric Haner and Jessica Moore.

  • Stephan VanTreese, John Dotson and Greg Taylor.

  • Kelly Human and Greg Taylor.

  • Paul Casi, Retired Judge Jim Shake and Dr. Peter Hasselbacher.

  • Janice Litlntner, Petersen Thomas and Scott Spiegel.

  • Judicial Candidate Tanisha Ann Hickerson, Kyle Citrynell, Su Kang and Nancy Loucks.

  • Crystal Havens, Emilee Boleyn, Megan Brown, Donna Taylor, Tracy Harrell and Shelby Loda.

  • Peter Lovett, Corey Taylor and Rick Adams.

  • Angie Buckler, Jamie Neal and Carrie Bauer.

  • Dan Goyette, Virginia Snell and Brent Ackerson.

  • Brandon Jaggers, Tom Wine and Sarah Clay.

  • Judge Lauren Ogden, Karen Casi, Jeff Adamson, Judge Darryl Lavery and Emmett Ogden.

  • Jamie Neal, Danny Alvarez andTherese O’Neil.

  • Chris and Jennifer Meinhart, Becca and Ethan Manning andJudicial Candidate Shelley Santry.

  • Becca Manning, Jennifer Meinhart, Judge Derwin Webb and Judicial Candidate Shelley Santry.

  • Keith Larson and Megan Keane.

  • Kevin Lynch, Virginia Snell and John Reid.