Bass Party for Kentucky to the World

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

Steve and Terri Bass hosted a party in support of Kentucky to the World at their home on June 21. Kentucky to the World’s mission is to enhance our state’s image locally and nationally by highlighting outstanding individuals with strong ties to the community.

  • Carol Williams and Terry Ely.

  • Margaret Wendler, Viki Diaz and Susan Blieden.

  • Hosts Terri and Steve Bass.

  • Madeline Abramson and Whitney Harding.

  • Jerry and Madeline Abramson with Karl Schmitt.

  • Stu Williams, Kenny Zegart, Tuna Ozyukoglu and Bart Perkins.

  • Robin Schwartz with Sara and Jim Haynes.

  • Judy Zegart, Jayne Labes and Lisa Swikert.

  • Amy Lapinski, Shelly Zegart and Kay Grubola.

  • Ellen Shapira, Whitney Harding, Karen Casi and John Y. Brown, III.

  • Shelly Zegart addressing the crowd.

  • Lindsey Miller and Shelly Zegart.

  • Tommy Johns, Kyle Higaki and Whitney Harding.

  • Mariah and Eric Gratz with Hiram Ely.

  • Ben Robinson and Terrian Barnes.

  • Jim and Kay Grubola.

  • Tommy Johns, Steve Bass, Kyle Higaki, Whitney Harding and Madeline and Jerry Abramson watch a featured film from Kentucky To The World's program.

  • Kris and Will Rawley with Mariah and Eric Gratz.

  • Evan Thurmond, Paige Pearlman and Adam Coop.

  • Terry Ely with Will and Kris Rowley.

  • Fred and Judy Look with Ellen Shapira.

  • Robin Schwartz, Steve Savage and Becca Booth.

  • Sue and Jeff Callen.

  • Karl Schmitt and Steve Bass.

  • Tommy Johns, Susan Moremen and Terrian Barnes.