B3 Bash

Photos by Tim Valentino

The celebration of bacon, bourbon and beer took place at Mellwood Art Center on Saturday, Jan. 20. Guests enjoyed tasting bacon dishes from 15 local chefs, bourbon cocktails, craft beers, live music and more.

  • Natasha Lynn Foley.

  • Vanessa Burke and Morgan Rawlings.

  • John and Veronia Berkenbosch and Panda and Stephen Smithson.

  • Christine Vaughan, Kelly Pruitt and Kathy Van Ryzin.

  • Lucy and Jim Jackson and Butch Ellis.

  • Emily Myatt, Mike Price , Justin Swanstrom and Caroline W.

  • Joan Smith, Colene Mattingly, Carrie DeWitt and Christopher Foree.

  • Randi Holtzhauer, Carli and Cory Allen, Dianna Holtzhauer and Emily McKinney.

  • Jim Davis and Michelle Higgins.

  • Ally Sandusky and Shane Suttor.

  • Michael and Jill Aines and Susan and Brian Przystawski.

  • Laila Khorshidian, Serg Katz and Carlos Delgado.

  • Scott Sherman, Susan Rhodes and Charlie R.

  • Chase Maloney.

  • Jennifer Robertson, Luda Dang, David Hester and Raquel Romero.

  • Doriana Polombino, Courtney Hoke, Enzo Polombino and Wayne Sweeney.

  • Jenn Thompson and Erin Bowers.

  • Hannah Garrison, J.P. Ellenberger and Sara Kelly.

  • Tori Edwards and Mary Shipp.

  • Zac Young and Marshall Cole.

  • Christina Kelly-Courtney, Gwendolyn Rowan, Celeste Sullivan, Jamaira Payton and Cynthia Jones.

  • Brian Young, Kevin and Paige Smith and Suzanne Young.

  • Bob and Delia Edwards, and Eric Shipp.