B. Deemer Artist Reception

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

Artist Liz Price celebrated the opening of her new exhibition, “The Shape of Flowers,” with guests and friends at B. Deemer Gallery on July 7. Price is a Philadelphia-based artist but a native of Louisville. “The Shape of Flowers” will be on display through Aug. 7.

  • Ann Price Davis, Brenda Deemer and Ann Coates.

  • Jake Ford, Brenda Deemer and Gretchen Andres.

  • Brenda Deemer and Liz Price.

  • Sam Miller on the hunt for a new artwork to hang in his office.

  • Liz Davis, Eliza and Emmy Bird.

  • Joy Peterson and Mary Barton.

  • Lauri Arnold and John Davis.

  • Bob Hanna and Tom Ranz.

  • Joy Peterson with Mary and Clarence Barton.

  • Liz Price, Patti Clare and Catherine Ruben.

  • Mary Stites and Sherley Dumesnil.

  • Ian and Ellie Davis with their girls, May and Bebe.

  • Lucy Quesenberry and Jeannie Vezeau.

  • Denise Clearwood and Fairleigh Brooks.

  • Teresa and Larry Wilder admire a piece they match.

  • Harry and Jennifer Dumesnil with Sam Miller.

  • Jennifer, Grace and Harry Dumesnil.

  • Lauri Arnold with Allison and Merrell Grant

  • Brenda Deemer with Winfrey and Laura Blackburn.