Aviation & Military Heritage Festival

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

Bowman Field hosted its annual aviation showcase on Oct. 6 and 7. Attendees marveled at the vintage aircrafts on display while learning about the history of the planes and the airport, which is the oldest continually operating commercial airport in North America.

  • Frank and Cathy Stiggers.

  • Mary Proctor.

  • Rick Janes and Emma Watson.

  • Diane Ogle, Colston Fuqua and Sheryl Tapp.

  • The Ladies For Liberty.

  • Tiara Volpe and Chelsey Lamb.

  • Abby and Melanie Buehler.

  • The Derby City Dandies.

  • The Derby City Dandies.

  • Richard Perry.

  • Vicki and Neil Brewer.

  • Kneina and Dean Smith.

  • Linda, Ryann and Evan Brill.

  • Jennifer Bair and Kathy Weisbach with WCHQ 100.9 F.M.

  • Tina, Eli and Brian Thomas.

  • Robert, Lorelei and Jacob Kroger.

  • Mike Yeager with his 51 M38.

  • Audrey and Marie Ridgway.

  • Becca and Tom Mobley.

  • Abigail and Morgan McDonald.

  • Karin and Jessica Bennett.

  • Logan, Maggie and Taylor Jones.

  • Jeff Knox with his 1988 Yak 52.