Asian Lunar New Year Dinner & Auction

Asia Institute-Crane House hosted this delightful evening at the Mellwood Art & Entertainment Center on Feb. 16. Louisvillians came together to celebrate the Year of the Pig and experience exclusive Asian gastronomic delights.

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

  • Alessandra and Aaron Brown.

  • Lauren and Chris Maddon.

  • Hannah Smith, Kara DeLost and Gabrielle Williamson.

  • Ashley Urjil-Mills and Erin Heakin.

  • Allison and Jason Abbott.

  • Sidonie Ho.

  • Alison Cromer and Andrew Owen.

  • Joel Buno and Love Yascone.

  • Anitha and Pradyumna Devara.

  • Kenny Hodge, August Moon Chef Peng S. Looi and Robert Jones.

  • Tory Lang and President of the Asia Institute Crane House Beverly Lang Pierce.

  • Martha Newman, Mildred Smith, Valerie Smith and Janis Zimmermann.

  • Co-Chairs Love Yascone and Ring Tsai.

  • Ring Tsai with Rosalie and Bill Faris.

  • Kara DeLost and Love Yascone.

  • Tory Lang, Xinyi Yan and Juan He.

  • WDRB's Valerie Chinn, Love Yascone and Shawn McGuffey.

  • University of Louisville School of Music Percussion Studio.

  • Faith and Love Yascone.

  • Dave Lang and Valerie Chinn.

  • Danny and Carol Woo with Susan Parks.

  • Emily Watts and Courtney James.

  • Jeff Hobart and Dr. Naomi Oliphant.

  • Ruchi Malhotra and Yiyi Tsai.

  • Bryan and Heather Henley.

  • Brandon and Brittany Carlson with Kim and Brock Evans.