The Annual Extravaganza Tasting Event

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

Guests had a fun night sampling food, wine and spirits at the Kentucky Stroke Association’s annual fundraiser on Aug. 21. Lisa Puffer, the event’s honoree, shared her stroke journey and story of recovery with attendees.

  • Bert Cecil, Claire Puffer and the 2018 Honoree Lisa Puffer.

  • Susan Lawson and Connie Campbell.

  • Cindy Jecker and Debora Goodrich.

  • Jennifer and Mick Welscher.


  • Tina Walsh, Tiffany Sanford and Brittany Reed.

  • Dennis Puffer, Lisa Eiddle-Puffer, Tara Defler and Tyson Straub.

  • Stephanie and Rick Wilson with Mark Kleiner.

  • Amy Keller and Elaine Fletcher Key.

  • Greg Mayes, Lindsey Tufty and Lauren Miller.

  • Amy Golladay, Stan Moore and Jessica Piasta.

  • Donna McCabe, Harriet Thomas and Traci Stemmle.

  • Erin Lamon, Patti Naiser, Joy Tabler and Gretchen Houchin.

  • Colleen Sprinkle, Hope Janssen, Charlene Cayton, Amy Crittenden, Tasha Corbett and Gretchen Houchin.