Annual Christmas Party To End All Christmas Parties

Friends, new and old, gathered to strengthen and renew ties, as Saints and Skybar in St. Matthews hosted a traditional Christmas Party to End All Christmas Parties on Dec. 19. With drink specials on offer to celebrants who dressed up with holiday decorations many turned out with tinsel around the neck, a hanging ornament, strings of lights, holiday hats or sweaters, red and green outfits, and more. Saints and Skybar generously featured happy hour drink specials. A DJ downstairs and karaoke upstairs got the people dancing and into the holiday spirit.

Michelle Clavery, Ralphie and Dr. Bob.Mark McCane, Liz Purcival and Cary Gant.Dale Kiggins, Glenn Smith, Mary Tuttle and Mary Lou Hurd.Chuck Schwabe with McKenzie and Jim Nalley.Derek Clark and Pat O\'Brien were NOT together.Sue Sullivan and Mike Asher.Tim, Angela Fowler, CarolBeth Kelly and Nina V.Ali Nohelty, Deborah Allred and Bill Rockwood.Kim Huffman and John Johnson.Michelle Young and Travis Langdon.Michelle Carrara and Yvonne Lindsey.Debbie Hill and Micah Chandler.Yono!Brenda Shadburne and Roger Marrillia.Laura Dunn and Eileen Hornback.Wes Bratcher and Brandy Allgeier.Andrea Simms and Dave Burch.Santa Claus and John Darnell.Albert Hartlage and Rob Steinberger.Amanda Brookshire, Larry Sinclair and Pat Southall.